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Pink Obsession

Envious will having you falling in love over and over again with this amazing new Valentines release. This adorable dress you can snatch up on the Marketplace and it is worth every last penny, not that it’s going to break your bank in the first place. This is a mini

There Is No Weight Limit On Beauty

Wicca’s Originals and WarPaint paired perfectly for this picture because I got to get up close and personal with the shot. You will be running between the Necrosis Event and the Anthem Event this month to grab both of these awesome new releases. Wicca’s Originals has a really badass new

Shine A Light

United Colors and Wicca’s Originals were a fun pair to combine for this post and of course adding some WarPaint to the situation was pretty awesome too. United colors has this dress available for you at the Mainstore. it’s not a new release, however, it’s definitely one that you need

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

United Colors has an amazingly stunning new gown for you at the Mainstore. This absolutely stunning gown can be worn for so many occasions and in a couple different ways. The gown was designed as a wedding gown. However, it is in two pieces, so you can wear this sleek

She Believed She Could, So She Did

FashionNatic has a pretty awesome new release up for grabs at this months round of Cosmopolitan. This outfit is definitely worth pushing everyone out of the way to grab. The outfit is 3 pieces including the shoes which are sold separately or in the megapack. I’m not gonna lie, it

Be Patient

Scandalize & Wicca’s Originals are rocking the FaMESHed Event and the Kinky Event this month. Scandalize has an amazing release out for you for this months round of FaMESHed. The outfit is in two pieces and I am absolutely in love with this one. The Jacket can be worn on

Wonderland Cutie

United Colors & WarPaint have some pretty exciting new releases for you at the new round of FaMESHed and the Santa Inc Event. To get you going, WarPaint has 2 exciting new releases for you and the first is actually a mystery reward item inside the nice box this year


FashionNatic has a hot new release that you’re definitely going to want to get in to the new round of Cosmopolitan Event to grab. This outfit is a lot of fun not only to wear but to play with the color HUD on because it has so many different options

I Woke Up Like This

WarPaint is rocking some really amazing stuff at the Anthem Event this month and as an added bonus, because this Designer is so badass, pretty much everything on my face in this blog is from WarPaint so make sure to check out the whole credits list below. This eyeshadow is


What an amazing release from United Colors this month at the Kustom 9 Event! This jacket is definitely one that needs to be added to your inventory. The jacket as a really sexy open front but covers close enough you can wear it and still give that modest look. The

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